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Ray Hammond

Europe's Most Experienced and Widely Published Futurologist

Ray Hammond is Europe's most experienced Futurists. For over 35 years Ray has been writing and speaking about the trends that will shape the future. His long record of accurate foresight is unique in Europe and he is now living in the future he first described 30 years ago.22

"What is the Global Brain? It's called Google"

Ray Hammond

In detail

Ray is also a successful and proven business leader and serial entrepreneur. He has hands-on experience of creating and selling profitable businesses. Today, Ray is the author of 14 books about the future, a body of work which he began in 1980 and which stands as testament to the long-term accuracy and reliability of his foresight. His 1984 publication, The On-Line Handbook, was the world's first book to identify the overwhelming importance of the Internet and to identify "search" as the key driving force behind all future on-line advertising and digital commerce. In 2010 former President Mikhail Gobachev presented Ray with a U.N. Gold Medal for Services to Futurology.

What he offers you

Ray projects an inspirational and breath-taking vision of the future to help your audiences navigate the hyper-competitive virtual economy. This vision is interpreted from a business, climate, social, political, and economic perspective providing a rounded view of how best to prepare your organisation for what the future holds.

How he presents

Ray's inspirational and riveting speaking style - coupled with his long experience of public speaking - ensures companies are happy to trust him with even the largest and most important audiences. At ease with audiences of any size, Ray describes himself as being "at home" on a stage.


He presents in English.

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  • Digital Disruption: Changing Customer Expectations
  • Understanding Government Digital Delivery
  • The Impact of Digital Technology on Healthcare
  • The Role of Clean Tech in the Future of Transport
  • Robots, AI and the Future of Work and Employment


  • Ray is an excellent speaker. He gave an interesting and thought provoking presentation, holding the audience in the palm of his hand! - Business Management School


  • 2017
    The Black Hole
  • Emergence (republished - previously released in 2000)
  • 2014
    Scary:Wonderful - The Next 50 years
  • 2012
    The World in 2030
  • 2005
  • 2006
    The Cloud
  • 1996
    Digital Business - Surviving and Thriving in an On-Line World
  • 1984
    The On-Line Handbook. The world's first book to identify the potential of the internet



Ray Hammond

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