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The rapid development of               “The problem is that humans are           estimate but the direction is pretty
         AI (Artificial Intelligence)  inconsistent. We get tired and we         clear.
         is disrupting the business    will make the wrong moves under
models of industries and services.     significant pressure. Our psychology      According to Garry Kasparov, the best
Intelligent machines challenge the     works against us. Computers can           positions in this game will be taken by
highly educated workforce in the       eliminate the mistakes that we would      the people who can control the fear
finance, healthcare, traffic and       make. That is the reason why I am         and excitement that comes with any
security sectors. Garry Kasparov       promoting the idea of co-working. We      revolutionary change.
doesn’t consider AI as an opponent to  will combine our forces with intelligent
humans. He sees it as a partner.       machines.”                                    “The future
                                                                                  belongs to human
“The future belongs to human and       Garry encourages business leaders
computer collaboration,” he says.      and politicians to raise their eyes from     and computer
“Human creativity and increasingly     the routines of daily micromanaging         collaboration.”
intelligent machines come together.    and focus determinedly on the big
We will use AI more and more as        picture. “As with the Internet, or with   “And please keep on dreaming!
a support for our own thinking and     electricity, AI will change our lives     This is the big difference between
decision-making. We need to consider   in fundamental ways, some quick           man and machine. We can dream,
what kind of cognitive functions we    and obvious, others slow and subtle.      and in our dreams we can come up
can outsource to machines. How will    Limiting our thinking to one narrow       with ideas that could change not
we organise this co-operation to make  category, like the automation of jobs,    only our businesses and our lives,
business more efficient and create     can lead us to miss the big picture.”     but something which is even more
a social environment which is more                                               important. We may find a solution
productive?”                           There is a long way to go before we       which will change the course of the
                                       reach the wildest AI and robotics         entire human race.” n
According to Garry Kasparov,           scenarios. Many challenges and
humans will benefit from AI because    problems need to be overcome. The
computers make fewer errors.           pace of development is difficult to

Garry’s latest book "Deep Thinking: Where Machine                In his latest TED talk, Garry says not to fear intelligent
Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins" reflects          machines, but to work with them. Also the only thing to
back on his career, but also looks to the future and the         worry about is not what they can to do today, but what
wonderful human process of making our machines and               they cannot. Machines are, after all, made by humans.
lives better. n                                                  How far can we go with machines at our side? n

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