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                               press over generalizes the capabilities    who are smart and brave enough
                               of AI systems, as do some AI               will see new business models and
                               researchers, substituting "in principle"   will generate new companies or
                               arguments for accurate estimations of      company divisions that change the
                               practicality.                              way large portions of our physical
                                                                          infrastructure and supply chain works.
                               "Artificial Intelligence is                Those will be the new crop of super
                               going to help us, but it is                companies which may well come out
                               not the panacea for all the                of geographies that are different from
                               increase in automation our                 where recent generations of super
                               society will demand over                   growth companies have arisen. n
                               the next two decades."

                               Even allowing as yet unseen advances
                               in true spatial perception through
                               machine learning, we are still a long,
                               long way from getting either physical
                               robot capabilities, or the control
                               algorithms that will be necessary to
                               operate them, so that our robots will
                               have the dexterity needed for large
                               portions of manufacturing, for packing
                               and delivering goods to end users, or
                               for the maintenance, or even rewiring,
                               of our vast installed base of traditional
                               industrial and service equipment.

                               So we have challenges ahead. AI            Former MIT Professor Rodney
                               is going to help us, but it is not         Brooks studies and engineers
                               the panacea for all the increase in        robot intelligence. He is the
                               automation our society will demand         co-founder of iRobot, which
                               over the next two decades. Those           has sold more than 12 million
                                                                          home robots worldwide, as
                                                                          well as being founder and
                                                                          CTO of Rethink Robotics,
                                                                          whose mission is to apply
                                                                          advanced robotic intelligence
                                                                          to manufacturing and
                                                                          physical labour.

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