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Dambisa Moyo has been ranked            Carl Bildt is the Chairman of           Donald Trump’s election as President
                                                                                of the United States does not just
the 6th most influential economist on   The Global Commission on Internet       represent a mounting populist
social media by The Top Economists      Governance, with the primary            backlash against globalization says
Power 100 (based on Klout scores).      objective being of ‘One Internet’ that
                                        is protected, accessible to all and     NOURIEL ROUBINI.
With nearly one million followers       entrusted by everyone.
across key platforms, she is ranked                                             It may also portend the end of Pax
just behind Paul Krugman, but ahead     In the video he explains the aims and   Americana – the international order
of Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz,      objectives of the GCIG Report. Read     of free exchange and shared security
Larry Summers and Nouriel Roubini.      more.                                   that the US and its allies built after
Check out the full list here.                                                   World War II. Read more.

GARRY KASPAROV is widely                of the Soviet Union. I remember the     in 1985. I was no longer accompanied
                                        December evening in 1988 when I         by KGB minders everywhere I went,
considered the greatest chess           was having dinner with friends and      although my whereabouts were
player that ever lived. In more         my mother in Paris. My family and       always tracked. Foreign travel still
recent times Mr Kasparov has            I still lived in Baku, capital of the   required special approval, which
become the chairman of the              then-Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan,     served to remind every Soviet citizen
New York-based Human Rights             where I was raised, but I had become    that this privilege could be withdrawn
Foundation and is a best-selling        accustomed to unusual freedoms since    at any time. Read more.
author. He recently wrote an            becoming the world chess champion
article discussing the 25 years
since the Soviet Union ceased to

Aquarter-century ago, on
            Dec. 25, 1991, as the last
            Soviet premier, Mikhail
Gorbachev,resigned after a final
attempt to keep the Communist
state alive, I was so optimistic for
the future. That year and the years
leading up to that moment were a
period when anything felt possible.
The ideals of freedom and democracy
seemed within the reach of the people

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