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                                            From the Editor

We do not just live in a new world but in a new world     Third Industrial Revolution, but
which is constantly reinventing itself (Aric Dromi, page  taken it to heart as a blueprint
6). Changes will disrupt our whole existence - we         for momentous shifts in China's
cannot sit back and ignore it. We need to transform       strategic climate policy.
and move forward in a positive direction. It is a great
pleasure to feature such eminent contributors in this     Certainly, a pivotal year lies
issue who share with us their unique and thought          ahead of us. I hope you enjoy
provoking views of the many challenges and also the       our first Speaker Bulletin of 2017 guiding you through
many opportunities which lie ahead.                       some of the many complexities our world faces. There
                                                          are many reasons why 2017 could be the best year ever.
‘Is Europe set for turmoil in 2017?’ asks Paolo Scaroni   Let's aim for an inspired success story all
on page 10/11. Comments from Anders Fogh Rasmussen        make the world a better place.
and Joschka Fischer look at the broader perspective
of the Trump effect (page 16/17). On page 12/13 Jeremy                                                                Dagmar O’Toole
Rifkin describes his work with Europe and China. His                                       
'Smart Europe' plan to create a smart post-carbon
market place is to be launched by the European
Commission in February. Jeremy Rifkin’s influence is
such that The Huffington Post claims that the Chinese
Premier Li Keqiang has not only read Rifkin's book The


1 SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT                         16 US ELECTIONS                                 LATEST NEWS
                                                       Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Joschka
           Dambisa Moyo, Carl Bildt,                   Fischer, John Bruton, Javier Solana  28TH DEC
           Nouriel Roubini, Garry Kasparov
                                            20 THE TRENDS OF 2017                           Short Term Thinking for US
2 CSA VIDEO ROOM                                       Ray Hammond                          Will Increase Tensions

4 THE WORLD IN 2017                         21 TESTIMONIALS                                 23RD DEC
           Duncan Wardle, Aric Dromi,                  Steve Wozniak, Boris Becker, Lynda
           Nick Fry, Lord Finkelstein                  Gratton                              Are We Facing a Breakdown
                                                                                            of Globalization?
9 THE WORLD ECONOMIC                        22 INSPIRATION AND
         FORUM ANNUAL MEETING                        MOTIVATION                             21ST DEC
         2017                                          Boris Brott, Benjamin Zander,
                                                       Bruce Dickinson, Pierluigi Collina,  Will 2017 Bring a New Era of
10 EUROPE IN 2017                                      Nick Fry, Gregory Stock              Uncertainty?
           Paolo Scaroni, Viviane Reding,
           Jeremy Rifkin, Paulo Portas,
           Carl Bildt

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