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intensely, as people had lived through  that all my books are banned, my own       Chinese mind, take the country? And
so much deprivation. It is this spirit  experience has never been short of         how might this future China affect
that created the China Phenomenon.      roller-coaster drama. Often sad and        the world? Both the Chinese people
I have been going back to China         even in despair, I nevertheless see        and the world at large face a real
virtually every year since I settled    hopefulness around me. The driving         challenge. n
down in Britain, to visit my mother     engine for the Chinese has never
and to research my books.               stopped roaring.

I have witnessed the country’s          Where might this engine, which has
transformation year by year. Given      been promoted to dominate the

HOW ASIAN                               Many Asian companies traditionally         The one reason, more than any
COMPANIES                               focused on asset-intensive industries.     others, that influences the creation
WILL CHALLENGE                          But it has been demonstrated that the      of strong brands is the mindset of the
THE GLOBAL                              most profitable Asian companies focus      boardroom and the CEO. Branding is
BRANDS                                  on intangibles such as human capital,      a boardroom discipline and successful
                                        exploiting network effects, and            brands can be built only when the
The face of business in Asia            creating synergies based on brands         boardroom, led by the chairman and
         is changing faster than one    or reputation, rather than investing in    the CEO, understands, appreciates
         can blink one’s eyes. Asian    tangible assets.                           and commits to treating branding
companies that used to be back-end                                                 as a strategic discipline and devotes
workhorses, manufacturing consumer      The new change-makers in Asia are          resources to support the brand
goods cheaply for Western companies,    the second- and third-generation           continuously.
are slowly realizing the benefits       family owners who for the first time
of branding and building a global       are daring to question the existing        Asian cultures have always valued
footprint.                              business models. It is natural for         the long-term outlook in almost any
                                        younger generations to want to             aspect of life. Asian boardrooms
                                        move away from the traditional Asian       should use this unique strength to
                                        manufacturing and trading paradigm         influence them in creating more
                                        into an era of brands and trademarks.      successful brands – but it requires
                                        They typically have overseas               a different mindset in the Asian
                                        experience from other industries or        boardroom. n
                                        consulting, and they bring that mind-
                                        set back to Asian boardrooms.              Martin Roll is a C-suite
                                                                                   mentor, business & brand
                                        In the coming years, the global            strategist and author. He
                                        companies will face intensified            consistently delivers impact
                                        competition from Asian challenger          for enterprises around the
                                        companies whom are bold, daring and        world. Now back in Europe
                                        different in their approach to building    after 17 years in Asia, Martin
                                        global brands at scale. Marketing is       is uniquely placed to offer
                                        moving into the Asian boardrooms as        his strategic insights into
                                        a strategic discipline which will help to  how Asian companies will
                                        create customer-centric organizations      challenge the global brands.
                                        and brands.

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