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The Thinkers50 Digital Thinking Award celebrates the             Shift, follows on from their bestseller Blue Ocean Strategy,
thinker who has done the most to convert the digital             which has sold more than 3.5 million copies.
language of the 0 and 1 into useful human insights. They
search for the thinkers whose research and insights shed             “Treasure troves of
the newest and most original light on the new digital reality.      wisdom and strategy
Erik Brynjolfsson, Professor at MIT and Chair of the MIT
Sloan Management Review, along with Andrew McAfee,                      from the top
are on this year’s shortlist, having won it in 2015 when             minds in business.”
the award was introduced. Their latest book is Machine,
Platform, Crowd.                                                 The Thinkers50 Talent Award reflects the importance of
                                                                 human talent, which has become the global currency, with
Where you are going and how you intend to get there lie          organizations competing for the very best people from
at the heart of management and leadership. Strategy is           around the world. With the changing attitudes to work
the intellectual and inspirational lifeblood of organisations.   the challenge now is to better understand how talented
The Thinkers50 Strategy Award celebrates the very best of        individuals work best and how they can effectively be
strategic thinking. This year the shortlist includes Pankaj      attracted, motivated and retained. Kate Sweetman,
Ghemawat. He is the professor of management and                  business strategist and leadership authority, along with
strategy and director of the Center for the Globalization of     Shane Cragun, is on the shortlist this year. Sweetman,
Education and Management at the Stern School of Business.        together with Cragun, are founding partners at the
He is also the author of World 3.0: Global Prosperity and        consulting firm SweetmanCragun. n
How to Achieve it. Also on the list are W Chan Kim and
Renée Mauborgne, who are professors of strategy at INSEAD
and co-directors of the INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy
Institute. Their most recent book, Blue Ocean

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