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Aric Dromi

Futurologist, Digital Philosopher and Professional Troublemaker

Aric Dromi is proud to explain that he built his career on things that he knew that he didn't know, and always took an assignment that pushed him to explore new fields, tools and methods that would redefine his vantage point on any given challenge.

"Turning Science Fiction into Reality"

Aric Dromi


Aric splits his time between his role as the in-house futurologist at Volvo Cars Group, his consultancy and a number of advisory roles. His consultancy TEMPUS.MOTU is a social and technology strategic think-tank. His advisory roles include positions with NTTi3, part of the NTT Group, with a focus on thought leadership, fostering collaborations and accelerating research, UNLEASH a global innovation lab with a focus on the UN'S Sustainable Development Goals and the AIIA, Artificial intelligence & Intelligent Automation Network which advises business executives on the world of AI. Aric thinks laterally and is often the first person in a team to see how widely different aspects of a problem or opportunity can play together and form a new concept or reality; in other words a genuinely innovative thinker.

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Aric Dromi's sessions are designed to help organisations and individuals better understand change and his vision of a digitally enabled autonomous future. He educates, inspires and empowers new thinking patterns.

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A passionate and engaging speaker, Aric's presentations are a veritable wealth of new ideas delivered in a unique and highly creative way.


He presents in English.

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  • Rewiring Innovation (Digital Transformations)
  • Blended Reality
  • Autonomous Everything
  • The Hybrid Monetisation Models
  • Humanising Machines


Aric Dromi

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