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Florence Eid is the Founder and           Q.What do you think are                     Q.What opportunities are
CEO of Arabia Monitor, a research                       the most important                          there in the Middle East
and advisory firm focused on                            attributes a CEO needs                      for corporations today?
the Middle East & North Africa            to have to be effective in their
(MENA) region. Florence appears           leadership?                                 As the region accelerates diversification
periodically on CNBC Europe,                                                          and restructures, both because of
CNBC Arabia, CNN and the BBC.             I believe that first and foremost a CEO     the shift in energy markets and the
                                          needs to demonstrate excellence, and        fallout from the Arab uprisings, given
Q.What is your key to                     push for that as a target. Those who        continuously high unemployment
              working successfully in     love and thrive on excellence tend to       rates, new opportunities are emerging
              a still male-dominated      self-select, and flock together. A CEO      in new sectors. Amongst these are
industry?                                 also needs to inspire, by establishing      new downstream and alternative and
                                          the big picture, and reminding teams        unconventional energy opportunities,
I don’t spend much time thinking about    of it. Being happy and positive are also    new service sectors that are
this at all. I grew up in Saudi Arabia,   important attributes, neither of which      demography backed (like health
and had I seen this as an obstacle, I     is always easy nor straightforward. A       services and consumer goods), and
probably would never have embarked        CEO is also human, and fallible. But I      of course the entire online business
on doing what I do. The biases are        try, every day, to do my best! And I think  space, which is benefiting from the
sometimes clearly there, in all walks of  that most of the time I succeed. I like     youth demographic profile of region.
life, if one stops to look for them. But  to smile, no matter what is happening,      The Public Private Partnership (PPP)
I have never spent much energy on         and I find that that helps me, and helps    model is likely to grow in significance
this. I focus instead on what I enjoy     others who are responsive to a happy,       as governments seek outside financing
doing, and work with much passion and     upbeat mood.                                for their infrastructure pipelines, and
pleasure.                                                                             we see this as a good trend, not least

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