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Sonia Gandhi

Powerful Indian Politician

Sonia Gandhi is a former President of the Indian National Congress. She took over as the party leader in 1998, and remained in office for a record nineteen years, a period that was characterised by the party's renewed adherence to the centre-left position on the Indian political spectrum.

"Often listed among the most powerful women in the world"

Sonia Gandhi


Over the course of her career, Gandhi presided over the advisory councils credited for the formation and subsequent implementation of such rights-based development and welfare schemes as the Right to Information, Food Security Bill, and MNREGA, as she drew criticism related to the Bofors scandal and the National Herald Case. Gandhi's active participation in politics began to reduce during the latter half of the UPA government's second term owing to health concerns. She stepped down as the Congress President in 2017, but continues to lead the party's Parliamentary committee. Although she never held any public office in the government of India, Gandhi has been widely described as one of the most powerful politicians in the country.

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Sonia Gandhi is a natural leader, she loves to talk to people and make quick decisions. She offers audiences insight into the potential and the charisma needed to be a world class politician. She is in great demand as a participant at prestigious conferences around the globe by audiences eager to benefit from her strong leadership skills.

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A natural speaker and brilliant communicator Sonia Gandhi's presentations are captivating and highly stimulating.


She presents in English, Italian and Indi.

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