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Start-up Venture ‘Robust.AI’ to Create Truly Smart Robots

1st July 2019 - 371 days ago

Rodney Brooks is the MIT Professor and robotics entrepreneur who co-invented Roomba, the world’s best-selling consumer robot, as well as the start-up called Rethink Robotics. Brooks has now gone on to co-found robotics start-up Robust.AI, which is looking to build the world’s first industrial-grade cognitive platform that brings common sense reasoning to robots. The business aims to help companies in a wide range of areas, from construction to eldercare and domestic robots, toward the goal of making robots that are smarter, safer, more robust, more context-aware and more collaborative. It hopes to help companies solve robotics problems that would otherwise be out of reach of current technology.

Professor Brooks writes and speaks extensively about the current state of artificial intelligence and its limitations and brings to life his work on the world’s most innovative and promising robotics projects, delivering clarity and vision to audiences around the globe.

Rodney Brooks

Rodney Brooks

World-renowned Roboticist & Entrepreneur

His topics include:

- Artificial Intelligence & Robotics and the Future
- Creativity, Innovation and Advanced Technology
- Smart, Collaborative Robots (Cobots).

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