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Bertrand Piccard Achieves World First

26th July 2016 - 546 days ago

On 26th July as Bertrand Piccard landed his plane at Abu Dhabi world history was truly written. Bertrand had completed the first round the world flight in a solar airplane. This adventure started 13 years ago when the Solar Impulse team came together to prove that flying 40,000km around the world without fuel was possible.

They had a vision of using renewable energies, clean techs and solar energy to fly around the world, protecting the environment and achieving this seemingly impossible goal.

Solar Impulse Completes Historic Round-the-World Journey
Bertrand Piccard

Bertrand Piccard

Round the World Balloonist & Initiator of the Solar Impulse Project

The Solar Impulse plane faced problems and setbacks they couldn’t possibly have foreseen but the problems were overcome and their goal has finally been reached.

Bertrand has been breaking records for years as a balloonist and is greatly experienced in cross cultural teamwork, communication and motivation and this game-changing achievement only enhances his credentials for business audiences around the world.

Read Bertrand’s tweets here and his Solar Impulse blog here.

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