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Duncan Wardle

Former Vice President, Creative Inc. Walt Disney

Duncan Wardle is the former VP of Innovation & Creativity for Disney, where he founded the Creative Catalyst team. He developed a design thinking toolkit enabling both individuals and teams to increase their capacity to innovate. After 25 years at Disney, Duncan has gone on to found iD8&innov8.

"It's about creating better ideas faster and enjoying the process along the way"

Duncan Wardle


The objective Duncan's new venture iD8&innov8 is to ignite a culture of innovation and creativity within companies. Duncan has developed a unique design thinking, innovation toolkit that marries strategic thinking with creative ideation to deliver amazing, meaningful and measurable results. Duncan graduated from Edinburgh Napier University in 1986 and began his career with Disney. Prior to heading up the Innovation & Creativity team, Duncan was Vice President of Global PR and has served Disney in an executive capacity in London, Paris, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Los Angeles and most recently Shanghai. At Creative Inc. Duncan worked with a team of creative ideation and innovation catalysts across all the Disney corporations, leveraging a unique design thinking process to increase the capacity for innovative and creative thinking.

Seine Vorträge

Thinking Differently - Do you ever wonder why most of your best ideas come to you in the shower? Have you ever wanted to be faster and more nimble to market? Or wondered how Walt Disney came up with the idea of Disneyland or how Pixar comes up with the ideas for so many of their movies? Duncan creates an immersive, engaging forum that will not only answer these questions but leave you with the tools to take on your challenges in new and different ways that deliver tangible results.

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Acknowledging the three preferred learning styles, auditory, visual and kinesthetic, Duncan fully immerses the audience in a participatory workshop/forum to ensure they take away real tools they can use. He also does keynotes and is a very engaging, entertaining and motivational speaker.


He presents in English.

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  • Thinking Differently
  • Innovating @ Disney
  • Leading for Creativity
  • Demystifying Design Thinking
  • Insights for Innovation
  • Creating Cultural Change



Duncan Wardle

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