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US Presidential Elections

With the US elections swiftly approaching later this year, there
are many expert voices opining on what will be an historic
election, whatever the outcome.

If Donald Trump wins, then he will be the first president in more   The Hidden Danger of Big
than 60 years without experience as a governor or in Congress.      Data
If Hillary Clinton wins she will become the first female president
of the United States.                                               Everyone today talks about the ever-increasing presence of
                                                                    Big Data, what it means for individuals and companies alike
Katty Kay, author and lead anchor for BBC World News                and how great the world will be and how we will all benefit.
America, which is carried by BBC news channels globally,            However, Carlo Ratti explains that maybe our response
reports on the latest US political and economic news and with       should be more considered and that maybe a certain amount
her very strong journalistic background, really gets to the heart   of randomness and some rebellion allows for new ideas and
of the issues. Global affairs anchor for ABC News; Christiane       modes of thinking that would otherwise be missed. n
Amanpour is another prominent US based journalist, who is
also well versed in the current election race. Ms Amanpour is
also a host on CNN International, providing world-acclaimed
international analysis of the topical issues of the day. n

                               New Opportunity for Christiana

                               The former executive secretary of the UN framework convention on
                               climate change (UNFCC), Christiana Figueres, was the woman tasked
                               with saving the world from global warming. The hugely successful Paris
                               climate change agreement last December was, in no small part, down
                               to her hugely influential presence and hard work. Figueres served as
                               the UN’s climate chief for 6 years, stepping down in July this year. Ms
                               Figueres was subsequently nominated as a candidate to succeed Ban
                               Ki-moon for post of UN secretary general. Having now withdrawn her
                               candidacy, and with her proven global worth and commitment, she is
                               definitely one to watch as she moves on to new challenges. Whatever
                               Ms Figueres turns her attentions to, she will undoubtedly continue to be
                               one of the movers and shakers of her generation. n

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