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Bertrand Piccard is the record       On 26th July as Bertrand Piccard              Bertrand has been breaking records
breaking round the world                         landed his plane at Abu Dhabi     for years as a balloonist and is greatly
balloonist, President and initiator              world history was truly written.  experienced in cross cultural teamwork,
of the Solar Impulse Project          Bertrand had completed the first round       communication and motivation and
which was launched to take on a       the world flight in a solar airplane.        this game-changing achievement only
new challenge: flying round the       This adventure started 13 years ago          enhances his credentials for business
world in an airplane propelled        when the Solar Impulse team came             audiences around the world. n
uniquely by solar energy, without     together to prove that flying 40,000km
fuel or pollution, in order to        around the world without fuel was            “Welcome to those
promote the immense potential of      possible. They had a vision of using         who believe in the
renewable energies and their new      renewable energies, clean techs               power of dreams
technologies.                         and solar energy to fly around the
                                      world, protecting the environment and          and who would
                                      achieving this seemingly impossible           like to join me in
                                      goal. Piloted by Bertrand Piccard and         my exploration of
                                      Andre Borschberg on the many flight
                                      legs, their Solar Impulse plane faced                  life.”
                                      problems and setbacks they couldn’t
                                      possibly have foreseen, but being the
                                      true pioneering team they have proved
                                      themselves to be, the problems were
                                      overcome and their goal has finally
                                      been reached.

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